Thursday, September 11, 2003

Dear fellow opera lovers,

Some of you may be listening, or trying to listen, to Giordano's Andrea Chenier on WCNY. If you are, some of you may be experiencing some crackling. This is an intermittent problem with some Windows Media Player streams. It does NOT occur if you switch to Version 6.4 Windows Media Player. You may find the latter version by doing a search on your computer for the file called mplayer2.exe . Once you find it, please open that program. Then cut and paste into the File Open menu window the following: and click OK. You should find the stream now plays with no crackling. I'm firing off a message to our contact there right away to see if they can straighten this out AFTER TONIGHT'S OPERACAST. Good luck, and please let us know if 1) you experienced the crackling and 2) whether the above suggested solution did the trick. Thank you and

Happy listening,



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