Sunday, November 02, 2003

Dear fellow opera lovers,

We have received a report from one listener that BBC Radio 3's audio stream is suffering from gurgling in the audio. This is a possible return of a problem which plagued the stream for much of 2002 and the early part of 2003. On the other hand, two one-hour listening sessions on the part of yours truly has not yielded any confirmation so far of the return of the problem. We would appreciate it if those who might have the time would listen to BBC's Radio 3 stream for a minimum of an hour at some point over the next week and get back to us with the results. Remember that whether or not you hear any anomalies your report is equally useful, so please feel free to report to us no matter what results you get.

Thank you again for your help to OperaCast. I can honestly say that without your vigilance, on both scheduled programs and audio quality, our site would not be one half as good as we are proud to say it is. We are very grateful for your generosity of help and of time.

Happy listening,



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