Friday, December 26, 2003

Dear fellow opera lovers,

Current audio stream problems of which you might want to be aware:

Hector's Ogg Vorbis audio stream is up and running again. However our first choice recommendation for Hector continues to be their Windows Media Player stream instead.

Those of you planning to listen to Klassikaraadio on Monday need to know that one parameter on your Real Player needs to be configured in a certain way. You need to go into your Real Player menus and make sure that only the HTTP protocol is checked. If you are uncertain how to make that adjustment please go to our home page and pull up our Internet Radio For Techies page.

For this coming Saturday, there are problems with YPR's streams for the NPR World of Opera. Both of these streams currently suffer from a hum. In addition the Windows Media Player stream suffers from intermittent clicking when played with any version of Windows Media Player later than version 6.4 (if you want to access and use Version 6.4 it is usually available from a file called mplayer2.exe on most PCs). We have written to the station reporting these problems but this station is almost always unresponsive. If these problems particularly bother you let us know and we will furnish you with the appropriate email addresses.

For this coming Saturday, I recommend you do not use WKNO as your stream of choice for the Metropolitan Opera. This stream currently suffers from a squeal.

For this coming Saturday, if you wish to listen to the Metropolitan Opera on Georgia Public Radio, you may do so on their superior Real Player stream, which is working again. Enjoy.

Happy listening,



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