Friday, December 19, 2003

Dear fellow opera lovers,

Some of you may listen, or try to listen, to WCNY. If you are, some of you may be experiencing some crackling. This is an intermittent problem with some Windows Media Player streams. It does NOT occur if you switch to Version 6.4 Windows Media Player. You may find the latter version by doing a search on your computer for the file called mplayer2.exe . Once you find it, please open that program. Then cut and paste into the File Open menu window the following: and click OK. You should find the stream now plays with no crackling. I'm firing off a message to our contact there right away to see if they can straighten this out. Good luck, and please let us know if 1) you experience the crackling and 2) whether the above suggested solution does the trick.

At this time, we can load and play WWNO's audio stream again, thanks to some late-night computer repair work on the part of the station. However something a tad peculiar is happening with WWNO's audio stream even when it works. About half the time the stream does not load or play. If you click the audio stream link and it does not load up and play, just try again two or three times. It should eventually load up. We have notified the station but so far the problem continues to come and go unpredictably.

At this time, KPBX's audio stream appears to be suffering from a rather unusual anomaly. As many of you know, we recommend that MP3 streams, like that from KPBX, are best played with the Winamp Player. However we believe we have discovered that this particular audio stream plays back with a slight buzz under normal Winamp playback conditions. However we believe we have also discovered that one can eliminate the buzz by using a somewhat non-standard Winamp configuration. Go into your Winamp Option Preferences Plug-ins Output menu and select the DirectSound option by highlighting it, clicking Configure, and then clicking OK. We just apprised the station of our tentative diagnosis and are hopeful this anomaly will not last much longer.

I am happy to report that the Radio Beethoven audio stream is once again available. However the persistent hum which has plagued Radio Beethoven's audio stream since June has returned. We have notifed the station.

At this time, Concertzender's audio streams suffer from intermittent clicking. We have written repeatedly to the station but have received no reply and have heard no improvement. Those of you who find yourself particularly bothered by this should let us know, and we will furnish you with the appropriate email addresses.

At this time, WABE is suffering from a slight problem. There is a slight hissy resonance on audio peaks. This is an intermittent problem which we have reported for some time to the station, but so far they have chosen to disregard the matter. If the problem particularly bothers you let us know and we will give you the appropriate email addresses.

Happy listening,



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