Friday, February 06, 2004

After a hiatus of several weeks, we are again trying to monitor the streams that we list, or at least SOME of them...

AUDITORIUM (Italy) used to be weak in the RIGHT channel; now they seem to have overcompensated and the stream seems weak in the LEFT channel - let's get this right, guys!

All three streams for DR P2 (Denmark) are still playing at much too low a level.

The stream for KLASSIKARAADIO (Estonia) is currently DOWN.

A visitor to the OperaCast site wrote me a day or two ago to let me know that KPBX's stream played...nothing... during its broadcast of Hansel & Gretel last week. Well, the stream is STILL playing dead air...

When I had last checked KUSC(California) a week or so back (it had been down for some while), its stream was playing again, but only at 32K (not it's described 56K), but now the stream is again down. KUSC has said that they are aware of the problem and have been working to fix it.

The stream for KXLU (California) is still dawdling along at 24K instead of its described 56K.

A few weeks back we had reported that both streams from MDR KULTUR's (Germany) were suffered from a high-pitched whine, but that the station was working to fix it. I am happy to report that the whines are gone and both streams are healthy again - ENJOY!

RADIO TRE (RAI) (Italy) refused to play until I went to the station's home page and clicked the link from their site. But it's hardly worth the effort to get this stream to play. It still suffers from the same gross distortion it has been suffering from for WEEKS! We urge all our visitors who wish to complain about this to email RAI IN ITALIAN with their complaints. (I have heard tales of folks emailing them only to get the email back because RAI's mailbox was full, but please keep trying. This station broadcasts important performances, mostly live, so it is worth pursuing them to get this distortion fixed.)

Since our staff has been cut from three people to two in the last several weeks, it will not be possible for us to monitor ALL of the streams we list. So we will be trying to keep tabs on certain known "problem" streams. If you become aware of a problem with a specific stream, please write us about it and we will follow up with the station and mention the problem here if it persists.

Happy listening this weekend...

I will probably be most interested in listening to RADIO 4's Iolanta (Tchaikovsky), an opera I love, with a cast of singers only some of whom I am familiar with.

Also of interest:

+ Camilla Tilling in Pelleas et Melisande from SVERIGES RADIO P2
+ Jules Massenet: Le jongleur de Notre-Dame - a 1985 performance from Netherlands Radio being broadcast by NRK ALLTID KLASSISK
+ Antonin Dvorak: Vanda - a performance from the Concertgebouw from May 2003, being aired by RADIO OESTERREICH INTERNATIONAL
+ Gluck: Alceste - coming direct from Theatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels, with Katerina Karneus among others, being aired by MUSIQUE 3

Those who were frustrated by technical difficulties when WDAV tried to broadcast this past summer's Bayreuth Siegfried (as part of NPR's World of Opera series), will be pleased to learn that they are rebroadcasting it again this Sunday....

Happy listening,



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