Monday, August 02, 2004

SR 2

We have decided with some regret to remove SR 2 (from Saarbrucken, Germany) from the schedule listings at OperaCast. Some months back SR 2 imposed a 30 minute time limit on all their internet streams. The time limit made it impossible to listen to a complete opera without interruption and the need to reload the stream. We removed them from our listings and I emailed them at the time to complain (SR 2 did not respond). Others must have also complained, for within a few weeks the time limit appeared to have disappeared. We restored SR 2 to our schedule listings. But when I tried to listen to a complete opera, the stream dropped out every 90 minutes, so while they may have listened to their listeners, they still were imposing a time limit, albeit a longer one. A 90 minute time limit is still too short for most operas to play through without interruption, so after several weeks of wavering we have again decided to remove them from our schedule pages.

Because SR 2's streams are of good quality, we have left a listing with basic information about the station on our list of Opera Stations for those who still may be interested in listening to the station. I would also encourage any of you who wish to email the station about the time limit issue, but don't expect any feedback from SR 2.


At 8/18/2004 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SR2 posts a notice on their webcast page warning that the stream cuts out after 90 minutes. Apparently the time limit saves them money. All you need to do is reload the stream, though, and since most acts come in at under 90 minutes, that should be simple enough to do between acts. Suggest instead of removing them that you go ahead and post their schedule, but with the 90 minute caveat (as you do streams that have other issues).

Just a suggestion. Thanks for all the great work!


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