Saturday, October 30, 2004

Regrets on today's WOMR Fliegende Hollaender

[from Geof. Riggs; not Eliz. H., my better half]

-- Wagner's Der Fliegende Hollaender, with Mark Delevan, Stephen Milling, Jane Eaglen, Thomas Studebaker, Erik Cutler and Jill Grove, San Francisco Chorus and Orchestra, conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas

Regrettably, this highly attractive-looking Hollaender on WOMR cannot be accessed today. WOMR's audio stream will be down for a few days, and the only guarantee from them is that the stream will be back up in time for next week's Saturday offering.

I was particularly looking forward to this item, and I share the keen disappointment of (I'm sure) many here at not being able to hear it.


Geoffrey Riggs


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