Saturday, October 16, 2004

URGENT ALERT! Saturday, Oct. 16th

Before providing a brief lineup for Saturday, October 16th:

Starting right NOW -- GMT 1700/EDT 1:00PM -- is a piece of opera history at

KCSC -- HALEVY: La Juive. Richard Tucker, Yasuko Hayashi, David Gwynne; Anton Guadagno, cond. (Opera d'Oro 1333)

This is a rarely heard performance, and it is also rare to hear a tenor who can take on the daunting role of Eleazar in the first place being matched by an apt partner -- in this case, Yasuko Hayashi -- in her genuine artistry and stamina delivering a heartfelt and vocally assured Rachel. This is one of those rare "live" recordings with a true sense of occasion!

Don't miss it!


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