Saturday, October 30, 2004


[from Geof. Riggs; not Eliz. H., my better half]

To all --

As I recall, quite recently, an astounding discovery was made of either an original manuscript or original parts for Offenbach's Contes d'Hoffmann. This was as recently as this very year, I believe.

Today (Saturday!), Radio Tre is webcasting at GMT 1800/EDT 2:00PM today(!!) a Teatro degli Arcimboldi di Milano performance of Hoffmann taped on the 18th of this month, featuring Brandon Jovanovich and conducted by Gary Bertini. Might anyone here know someone who might know or some way of ascertaining if this brand new production (by Alfredo Arias) incorporates the discoveries in these newly uncovered manuscript materials -- or adopts wholesale the version of the opera reflected in this new material?

Radio Tre's audio streaming of this performance can be accessed at the GMT 1800/EDT 2:00PM slot under Radio Tre at

Time is rather short here (my fault for not posting earlier), since a quite remarkable-looking Prince Igor is starting at GMT 1730/EDT 1:30PM, and I would only be interested in switching over to Hoffmann at GMT 1800/EDT 2:00PM if discoveries from the new ms. materials are indeed incorporated in the Teatro degli Arcimboldi di Milano production.

Please, does anyone know or have a way of finding out the answer to this question soon? (BTW, even if someone may have the answer to this question eventually at a later point, I'd still be interested in knowing the answer at any time, since this item may be repeated on other stations later.)


Geoffrey Riggs


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