Saturday, January 08, 2005

On tap for January 8, 2005

Before posting here a more complete rundown of this weekend's offerings, we take this opportunity of highlighting just two special events this Saturday afternoon:

Many have already tuned in to this afternoon's MET Otello featuring Ben Heppner and Barbara Frittoli under James Levine. Carlo Guelfi, today's scheduled Iago, is indisposed and Frederick Burchinal will take his place.

For this broadcast, many stations are available. You can check out the choices at

Just as special is KLARA's spectacular Capuleti e i Montecchi, which started just a moment or so ago, and with the marvelous trio of Anna Netrebko, Daniela Barcellona and Joseph Calleja! Operacast is in the process this weekend of retooling its audio links for KLARA's revised stream picture. So to listen this afternoon, you might want to go directly to KLARA's home page at

More to come --


Geoffrey Riggs


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