Monday, January 24, 2005

Sam Shirakawa to appear on WNYC-AM

Although shorter than one hour and not therefore something we can list on OperaCast, our friend Sam Shirakawa (see his reviews of the Chemnitz Ring Cycle here) will be appearing tomorrow (Tuesday, January 25th) on Soundcheck, a radio program on WNYC-AM, at 2:30p.m. EST (GMT 1930) to discuss Wilhelm Fürtwangler. The interview will last about 25 minutes. He will be playing excerpts from some Fürtwangler recordings "including the notorious Hitler birthday Ninth, which recently has been released for the first time in its entirety." Sam is one of today's leading experts on Fürtwangler, having written the definitive biography of the conductor in English, The Devil's Music Master (Oxford University Press, 1992).


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