Saturday, June 25, 2005

URGENT!! Abject Apology to one and all!

We must extend regrets to one and all who were looking forward to today's Tristan und Isolde on the WFMT OPERA STAGE series:

"WFMT OPERA STAGE series is bringing us an altogether exceptional Tristan und Isolde with Ben Heppner and Waltraud Meier, whose Isolde here signals an astonishing new lease on life for this diva's voice, alongside arguably the finest Brangaene of our day, Yvonne Naef, all under the flexible leadership of Maestro Esa Pekka Salonen in a production at the Opera Bastille."

Almost to the last station, every one started their coverage today either a half hour or an hour before the listed time! We cannot make up for this extremely unfortunate lapse, but we can still direct the attention of those reading this at the last minute to KUAT's airing of this fine performance today, which appears to be still on schedule for GMT 1900/EDT 3:00PM, as originally listed.

You have fifteen minutes to air time!

Hoping some will be able to take advantage of this,



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