Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bartok Streams On

Maybe you haven't noticed but the streaming picture at Bartok Radio has been in a state of flux in recent weeks. Last week at this time we were listing nine (count em', 9) separate streams for Bartok Radio. This week we are listing only two, neither of which is accessible to dial-up users.

At the request of Bartok Radio we have delisted the direct links we had been listing for their highest speed Windows Media Player and MP3 streams (190k and 320k, respectively), as well as direct links for some intermediate level streams. We are not listing any Real Player stream, because the link they suggested we use opens up an inferior sounding 16.1k stream (they have a perfectly fine sounding 96k Real Player stream that is scaled and thus accessible to dial-up users, but so far we have been asked not to list it). For technically sophisticated users, the alternative streams we are no longer listing (except for the Real Player streams) are still accessible if one digs into the playlist area in each player's configuration menu (for the less technically apt among us, I know what I just said sounds like complete gibberish!)

The good news is that we are discussing these issues with the station and we hope that in coming weeks we may be able to list some or all of the alternative streams. We wish other stations would work as closely with us on streaming matters.

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