Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mattila Cancels!

I had hoped to get this post up before the braodcast afternoon gor rolling, but we have had some difficulties with the site this morning.

When I tried to upload the Saturday page with a change showing that Mattila was NOT going to be in today's Met Fidelio, the page got corrupted and I had to work with a backup copy and find another way to get the page uploaded. After a couple of tries and some heart palpitations, I finally got the Saturday page up and running again, but not until around 1:30. So the Saturday page was down and out for over 45 minutes immediately preceding the start of Saturday's hot broadcast hour.

Without Mattila, my listening choices for this afternoon are very much in the air, although the Radio Tre (RAI) broadcast of Zandonai's Cavalieri de Ekebu intrigues. Right now I am listening to the beginning of Fidelio to see how the new gal, Erika SunnegÄrdh, sounds....

I did think it was curious that only three (3) European stations chose to carry this broadcast, but maybe they knew something that we didn't...?

I now feel very fortunate that G and I attended Tuesday's Fidelio, in which Mattila DID sing. She was incandescent! I have never heard an Abscheulicher sung like that! She keeps getting better in this role (and she was already the best I had ever heard live in the role), and the voice seems to get bigger every time I hear her. The whole performance was probably the best Fidelio either of us had ever heard - a complete ensemble where everyone was good. Kristinn Sigmundsson's Rocco was very different from Pape's from the last time they did this production, but he was most effective. Ben Heppner was more secure than I had ever heard him in this role (the last time out he was in the midst of his vocal woes and cracked more than once). Alan Held was a most dastardly and effective Pizarro.

Happy listening,


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