Saturday, May 20, 2006

Who's Airing the Volpe Gala and When?

We have been madly sifting the schedules (such as they are) for all the Met Stations. So far we have come up with the following additional listings for the Volpe Gala:

Tonight - WQXR and WUOT.

This Sunday and next - BBC 3 will be running it in two 2-hr parts.

On Tuesday night/Wednesday early morning - WNED (Tuesday Night Opera).

Friday Night (early Saturday morning) - KXPR will be running it as part of their Friday Opera.

Saturday, May 27th - the following will be carrying it as part of their regular Saturday Opera: CBC 2, KBYU, Espace Musiques, WOMR, XLNC1, WRTI

Friday, June 2 - WABE

Thats it so far. It looks as if some of the Met stations will be carrying it in their usual Saturday afternoon slots next week, but most stations don't have their schedules up yet that far ahead, so stay tuned....

I will update this info on the blog through the week.

UPDATE Friday 5/26/06: the stations listed in Purple are new listings since I originally posted this

Happy listening,


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