Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gould's first Siegfried coming right up!

Those who recall Gould's first Tannhauser at Bayreuth and how exciting it was will probably be primed for his Bayreuth Siegfried, which starts less than half an hour from now, at 1355 GMT/9:55AM EDT! See OperaCast's Bayreuth Schedule Page for details of these and all broadcasts and rebroadcasts of the Bayreuth performances. Today's Siegfried is being carried "live" on Dwojke Polskie Radio, Bayern 4 Klassik, and Radio Tre. And if you miss any part of it, you can catch it later today at 2205 GMT/6:05PM EDT over Bartok Radio. Surprising that Bartok Radio is not carrying this offering "live", since it usually does that for the whole Festival. But it's a boon that you can have a second chance today with their airing -- and you get to hear it in better sound on their Real Player stream than on any stream among the "live" stations coming right up. Even though Gould's own Siegfried may well be exciting, and as Gould's first Siegfried broadcast this may also prove the vital test for the balance of his career and even be historic, the best overall performance of the series still looks to be the Tristan und Isolde.

Hope to come back here in an hour or so with the balance of today's many offerings.

Happy listening,


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