Saturday, July 29, 2006

Offerings at GMT 1700/EDT 1:00PM, July 29, 2006

Some top recommendations for today's fare at GMT1700/EDT 1:00PM:

The Opera Stage Series (called by some European Opera) continues with various offerings, among them Mozart's Idomeneo, featuring Neil Shicoff, aired over KCSC.

Another offering in the same series, heard over
WICR and WMCE is Verdi's Forza del Destino, with Salvatore Licitra.

And yet another in the same series: Bellini's
Norma over WQXR, with Edita Gruberova and Sonia Ganassi in the cast.

KRVS we hear Britten's Death in Venice from Glimmerglass Opera, featuring William Burden and David Pittsinger.

Sarah Coburn stars in this rare opportunity to catch Donizetti's French revision of his
Lucia di Lammermoor, an NPR World Of Opera network presentation over WMUK.

More to come for offerings later in the day.


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