Friday, November 24, 2006

All of Wagner's Bayreuth operas at Bayreuth!

We have a marathon for all Wagner aficionados starting in a matter of hours on RDP Antena 2!

Starting at GMT 1000/EST 5:00AM, we have the first of all four Ring cycle operas: Das Rheingold. This entire cycle will be lifted from this past summer's Bayreuth Festival presentation under Maestro Christian Thielemann. After Das Rheingold, we move on to Die Walkuere at GMT 1300/EST 8:00AM, from the same Bayreuth production. Siegfried supposedly starts at GMT 1700/EDT 12:00NOON and Goetterdaemmerung at GMT 2115/EST 4:15PM. But only 4 hours are earmarked for the latter, probably meaning that this fourth and last grand work in this cycle will run beyond the scheduled curtain time.

As a grand finale, having concluded its Bayreuth Ring cycle, RDP Antena 2 winds up with this summer's Bayreuth Parsifal, starting at GMT 1800/EST 1:00PM on Sunday, November 26th. Adam Fischer conducts.

All in all, a capstone to this year's Bayreuth coverage that should prove satisfying to all who appreciate what the Web can provide from the world's premier Wagner festival.




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