Friday, March 28, 2008

Yet another TRISTAN wrinkle!

The Metropolitan Opera has just announced that they have added another Webcast to their publicly streamed series at the last minute(!): Since no TRISTAN UND ISOLDE this season has yet featured both Heppner and Voigt together, the Metropolitan has decided, at the last minute, to publicly stream this Friday evening's TRISTAN, the last of the season, for the pleasure of opera lovers everywhere! It looks as if this one time the scheduled duo of the whole series, Ben Heppner and Deborah Voigt, will finally appear together for real (perhaps instead of singing "Begehrt, Herrin, was Ihr wuenscht", Heppner might sing "So finally we meet!"...........). Be sure to tune in!

This is now entered onto the top of our This Saturday page with the full (expected) cast from the Met site. You'll find our new entry at the first GMT 2300/EDT 7:00PM slot towards the top of the page at

I did stipulate here the "expected" cast, of course. Given the way this run has been going, nothing -- but nothing -- seems for sure. Maybe, not only will Heppner cancel this time to balance Voigt's canceling the previous performance, but someone out of the blue (lyric tenor Juan Diego Florez????????) may do his first TRISTAN tomorrow.....................

Given the history of this run, anything is possible.

Happy listening,

Geoffrey Riggs


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