Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Emergency announcement!


Ready Hosting has been conducting maintenance all day and has somehow put up out-of-date pages for this week's scheduled offerings! Ready Hosting indicates that we cannot access these faulty pages in order to bring these pages up to date until GMT 0000/EDT 8:00PM this evening (Wednesday evening, EDT)!

There is still time for our users to catch roughly half of

Janacek's Jenufa with Westbroek, Kaiser, Polaski and Dernesch, Kirill Petrenko conducting, on Bayern 4 Klassik;

and a rerun at GMT 2300/EDT 7:00PM this evening of NPR World of Opera's Pskovityanka with Gennady Bezzubenkov in the cast, on WBHM. If you miss this, it will be carried again at GMT 0200/EDT 10:00PM, on KPBX.

Hopefully, Ready Hosting's "guess-timate" of GMT 0000/EDT 8:00PM this evening (Wednesday evening, EDT) as the time when we'll finally have access to our pages -- so we can bring back the updated pages that were already up on line yesterday evening(!!), and that Ready Hosting inadvertently removed in favor of outdated pages today(!!) -- will pan out and not prove to be overly optimistic. If our "out time" does prove longer than that after all, and we cannot re-upload our already updated pages at that time, I will post here with a follow-up of some further programming that we already have listed on our updated pages but that our users can no longer view, because of the outdated pages that Ready Hosting has inadvertently substituted during this maintenance.

Our regrets for the disruption and

Happy listening (we hope),

Geoffrey Riggs


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