Saturday, December 05, 2009

Exciting Janacek offering

Because of time constraints, today I'm only going to spotlight just one of the many exciting choices on offer over the Web today. As always, we invite you to peruse our Saturday page yourselves for anything that especially appeals to you during this afternoon. But we're especially attracted to a performance from Florence heard on four different stations today:

  • Deutschlandradio Kultur / Dwojke Polskie Radio - At GMT 1800/EST 1:00PM, Janacek's Cunning Little Vixen: a star-studded cast features

    Seiji Ozawa conductor

    Quinn Kelsey
    The Gamekeeper

    Judith Christin
    His Wife, The Owl

    Dennis Petersen
    The Schoolmaster,The Mosquito

    Kevin Langan
    The Priest, The Badger

    Gustáv Belácek
    Harašta, a tramp

    Federico Lepre
    Pásek, The Innkeeper

    Marcella Polidori
    Páskova, His Wife

    Isabel Bayrakdarian
    Bystrouška, the Cunning Little Vixen

    Lauren Curnow
    The Fox.

  • NRK Klassisk / NRK P2 - At GMT 1830/EST 1:30PM, you can hear this same performance on these stations in even finer sound! However, be aware that NRK Klassisk recently made an arbitrary cut at the start of the last act of a recent Lady Macbeth of Mzensk. Since NRK P2 appears to do their Saturday opera in tandem with NRK Klassisk, both stations may have done the same on that occasion! Consequently, in this case, opting for finer sound today, at GMT 1830/EST 1:30PM, may entail some risk for the listener. "Buyer, beware".

Happy listening.....


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