Saturday, October 16, 2010

Live Offerings - Saturday, October 16, 2010 - Part II

More live offerings for this afternoon:

  • Klara - From the Holland Festival, Conti's Don Chisciotte in Sierra Morena, with Stéphane Degout, Inga Kalna, Gillian Keit, Chistophe Dumaux, Bejun Mehta, Mark Tucker, Johanette Zomer, Marcos Fink, Judith van Wanroij, Dominique Visse, Geoffrey Dolton, conducted by René Jacobs.
  • Latvia Radio Klasika - From Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, a February 27 performance of Catalani's Villija, with Eva Maria Westbroek, Kristof Klorek, Mats Carlsson and Piero Terranova, conducted by Giuliano Carella.
  • Lyric FM, Radio Clasica de Espana & Radio Tre (RAI) - From the Wexford Opera Festival, Mercadante's Virginia, with Angela Meade, Hugh Russell, Ivan Magri, Bruno Ribeiro and Gianluca Buratto, conducted by Carlos Izcaray.
  • ABC Classic FM - From Krakow, Handel's Rinaldo, with Sonia Prina, Maria Grazia Schiavo, Roberta Invernizzi, Christophe Dumaux and Alain Buet, conducted by Ottavio Dantone.

Happy listening . . . .

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