Saturday, January 01, 2011

Time-Shifting Pelleas

Confused when we heard not the Met broadcast of Pelleas et Melisande on WQXR at the appointed hour (Noon), we called the Met to find out what was what...and were told that the performance did start at Noon, but that the broadcast had been delayed for one hour and would not start until 1:00PM EST because many stations also were carrying the Vienna New Year's Day Concert which runs past Noon. But that's not quite right either, as we discovered by sampling the streams of a number of stations on our Met Page -- some East Coast stations were indeed carrying the New Year's Day Concert, but some started the Pelleas at Noon, as scheduled.

This is the first time in our memory that any lower-48 America station has been allowed to time-shift the Met broadcast. If this sets any sort of precedent it will make the elves at OperaCast very unhappy, as we will have a much harder time informing you listeners when to tune into these broadcasts.....

Happy New Year!

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