Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Minimal OperaCast, for now....!

For those who are wondering what's happened with OperaCast in the past day or two, we at OperaCast extend our regrets.

Unfortunately, being on the road for a vacation the week of the Fourth has taken a heavy toll on our main laptop, which is our virtual lifeline for OperaCast.com while we're away. Our laptop's hard disk appears to have been severely damaged (it will not boot up)! We do have a second laptop, but we have been having connectivity issues with that computer. This means that the sad skeleton of a week you now see on our dailies may be all our users will see until our return this Friday. Although we do have access to our files, the data harvesting and editing process has been so painfully slow that we have just about given up for now. If we're lucky, we will regain wi-fi connectivity well before Friday. Please stay tuned.

It may be the first time something this dire has happened with OperaCast, and it's a bitter pill to swallow. We know there will be bewildered and disappointed e-mails that will undoubtedly flow in this week, and to all our disappointed users, we can only extend our sincere regrets.

We can only repeat that we are ceaselessly trying to re-establish working contact with our dailies files as soon as possible.

With great regrets,

Geoffrey Riggs, Webmaster



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